Allows joining a variable value to another variable value that provides a entity identifier. The current object is a value set. $join will access to a variable value within this value set.

See also $, $val, $value.


Parameter Description
name The name of the variable from which the value shall be retrieved.
idname The name of the variable from which the entity identifier shall be retrieved.
Specifies that if in case of the join operation result in a value sequence tree, the result should be flatten in a sequence of unique values.
Default is false and a value sequence tree will be transformed into a sequence of comma separated stringified values.


Returns the BRAND_NAME of a medication which is identified by the MEDICATION_ID.


Given the following datasets, a table with a repeatable variable named code:

ID code
aa Acode1,Acode2
bb Acode1
cc Acode3

and code_mapper a table with a repeatable variable parent:

ID parent
Acode1 Bcode1,Bcode2
Acode2 Bcode1,Bcode3

The following script:

$join('test.code_mapper:parent','code', true)

will return the following value sequences:

D flat
aa Bcode1,Bcode2,Bcode3
bb Bcode1,Bcode2

Without the flat option, the following script:


would return the following value sequencies where value sequencies of second order have been stringified:

D non-flat
aa “Bcode1,Bcode2”,”Bcode1,Bcode3”
bb “Bcode1,Bcode2”