Python Introduction

Opal Python client, a command line scripting tool (see Python Commands) and an API (see Python API) written in Python, enables automation of tasks in a Opal server.


Python 3.7+ must be installed on the system. See more about Python.


The Opal Python Client is available on the official Python Package Index.

sudo pip install obiba-opal


Previous versions were available as system packages. Make sure to remove them before installing the package with pip.

# on Debian systems
sudo apt-get remove opal-python-client

# on RPM systems
sudo yum remove opal-python-client


To get the options of the command line:

opal --help

This command will display which sub-commands are available. Further, given a subcommand obtained from command above, its help message can be displayed via:

opal <subcommand> --help

This command will display available subcommands.