Reduce values of a sequence to a single value using a custom javascript accumulating function. The reduction result is the last accumulated value.

See also map.


Parameter Description
Accumulating javascript function called for each value (with arguments: accumulated value, value and index of the value in the sequence)
and that returns the new accumulated value. Note that if the accumulated value resulting of the function call is null, it is not applied to the final reduction result.
Optional value to be used to initialize the accumulated value. If not provided, the accumulated value will be initialized with
the first not null value of the sequence (thus in this case the accumulating function is not called during this initialization phase).


Reduce as sequence of measures to their sum:

$('Words').reduce(function(acc, value, index) {

Reduce a sequence of measures to their average value initialized to 0:

$('SequenceVar').reduce(function(acc, value, index) {
  return acc.multiply(index).plus(value).div(index+1);
}, 0)