Manage taxonomies: list a summary of the available taxonomies if no option is provided, otherwise download, import or delete a taxonomy.



Option Description
--download DOWNLOAD, -dl DOWNLOAD Download a taxonomy from the provided name, in YAML format
--import-file IMPORT_FILE, -if IMPORT_FILE Import a taxonomy from a YAML file in Opal file system. Fail if the taxonomy already exists.
--delete DELETE, -dt DELETE Delete a taxonomy from the provided name
--force, -f Skip taxonomy deletion confirmation


Authentication can be done by username/password credentials OR by personal access token OR by certificate/private key pair (two-way SSL authentication).

Option Description
--opal OPAL, -o OPAL Opal server base url
--user USER, -u USER Credentials auth: user name (requires a password)
--password PASSWORD, -p PASSWORD Credentials auth: user password (requires a user name)
--token TOKEN, -tk TOKEN Token auth: user’s personal access token
--ssl-cert SSL_CERT, -sc SSL_CERT Two-way SSL auth: certificate/public key file (requires a private key)
--ssl-key SSL_KEY, -sk SSL_KEY Two-way SSL auth: private key file (requires a certificate)


Option Description
-h, --help Show the command help’s message.
--verbose, -v Verbose output.
--json, -j Output pretty-print JSON


List the taxonomies:

opal taxonomy --opal --user administrator --password password --json

Download a taxonomy in YAML format:

opal taxonomy --opal --user administrator --password password --download MyTaxo > MyTaxo.yml

Upload a local taxonomy file (in YAML format) into the Opal file system and import it:

opal file --opal --user administrator --password password --upload /path/to/MyTaxo.yml /home/administrator
opal taxonomy --opal --user administrator --password password --import-file /home/administrator/MyTaxo.yml

Delete a taxonomy:

opal taxonomy --opal --user administrator --password password --delete MyTaxo