File System

Opal has its own file system accessible from the Dashboard, a project and the Files administration page.

File Browser

The file browser consists of two parts: folder shortcuts on the left and directory/file listing on the right. The default location is the current user’s home folder.


An administrator can perform the following operations on all folders whereas a user with limited privileges can only perform them in the user’s home directory.

Add Folder

Adds a new sub-folder in the current location.


Uploads a file in the current location.


Downloads the selected files and folders to the user’s computer. If there are more than one file or directory selected, a ZIP containing all of them is downloaded to the user’s computer.


A zip file can be password protected to secure the downloaded data.


Deletes the selected files and folders from the current location.


Users can securely access Opal’s file system using SFTP with any third-party tools such as FileZilla or the Firefox add-on FireFTP. Information required to configure FileZilla:

  • Host: IP or the host name where the Opal server is running
  • Protocol: SFTP
  • Port: 8022 (In case of a firewall, this port must be accessible to the client)
  • Logon Type: Normal (requires a valid username and password)