Plugins can be managed from the administration page:

  • installed plugins
  • plugins that can be upgraded
  • new plugins that can be installed
  • plugin manual installation
  • plugins repository reference


The installed plugins are listed. Some operations can be performed on each plugin:

  • a plugin is executed as a service which can be restarted.
  • a plugin can be configured by editing the plugin’s file. Depending on the plugin installation it can be necessary to restart the plugin so that the new configuration become effective.
  • a plugin can be removed: it is in fact marked as being ready for removal and is still operational until the next Opal restart.


The plugin repository is inspected to list if some installed plugins have a most recent version available for install (according to the current Opal version).


The plugin repository is inspected to list the plugins that are not installed and are available for installation (according to the current Opal version).


Plugin Archive Installation

It is possible to install manually a plugin from its archive distribution. User is responsible for ensuring that the plugin applies to the current Opal version. The installation is effective at Opal restart.

Update Site

A plugin repository can be configured so that Opal can query the plugin updates and availability for installation. See property in Miscelaneous Configuration instructions.